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Our unique approach to sales of embroidered apparel includes FREE LOGO DIGITIZING and our catalog prices INCLUDE THE EMBROIDERED LOGO up to 8000 stitches.

Embroidery FAQ

Q.     How can I tell how many stitches my logo has?

A.     Sketch out your logo on 1/4 grids, each grid = approximately 125 stitches. If your logo is 8000 stitches or 64 grids or less, your  embroidery is included in the cost of your garment for free.                                        estimating stitches grid










Q.     What if my logo is really big and is 15,000 stitches?

A.     Not to worry, you get 8,000 stitches for free and the additional 7,000 stitches is $0.50 / 1000, so you would add $3.50 to your garment.

Q.     How many stitches are most logo's ?

A.     About 80% of left chest logo's are below 8,000 stitches

Q.     What size should my logo be?

A.     A chest logo is usually 3-1/2" inches or less. A hat may be as wide as 4-1/2"

Q.     Do multiple colors increase my cost?

A.     No, Our industrial equipment can handle up to 15 colors

Q.   What about gradient colors like yellow fading to red?

A.     Graphic designers and laser printers love gradient colors. Unfortunately, thread just doesn't behave that way. Below is how that problem is overcome and in some designs it works, but not always

Q.     What about fonts and font sizes?

A.     Over 75 fonts are available as standard. Altered fonts are simply recreated. Font sizes below 3/16" inch (0.187") begin to loose resolution. Keep in mind that embroidery has a DPI of about 30.

Q.     Will my embroidery have backing or topping material?

A.     Yes. Backing is a stabilizer for  the stitching and helps to reduce puckering. Sometimes a topping is also used. It is water soluble and provides a smooth embroidery surface. Once the garment is washed, the topping completely dissolves.




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